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Meet Toby

Toby’s Tale is the award-winning story of a sweet Schnauzer puppy on his own journey of discovery. What he learns is that the big world is full of challenges, sadness, cruelty and, yes, love and kindness. It's a story about hard choices, strength and perseverance, an adventure that gives people four legs instead of two, by allowing them to view life through Toby's eyes as he searches for his fur-ever home.

Toby's Tale book trailer – by Jennifer Freedman
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 There are Disney movies where the dog tells the story, yet this one is better than any Disney movie. The feel of adventure is there in high gear and you get to see how this clever dog finds friends and learns hard life lessons while tugging your heartstrings and entertaining you thoroughly. Fantastic book!

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Toby’s Tale is completely engaging. It manages to be warm, funny, surprising, and occasionally philosophical while keeping you entertained with adventures, mishaps, and triumphs. I would love to see this made into a movie.


My niece and nephews were as spellbound as I was by this remarkable page-turner ... It's one of those productions that is just as good on one level for adults as for kids. The beauty for kids is that it lasts, going beyond illustrated children's book to novel-let.

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