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Jennifer Freedman
- Jennifer Freedman, Author -

Jennifer Freedman has been around. Five years exploring the Middle East, studying in Egypt, covering the first Gulf War in Saudi Arabia and trying to convince the authorities in Jordan that she wasn’t an Israeli spy. Then 30 years in Europe, raising three wonderful children, writing about economics, finance and trade for print and online media including Bloomberg News, visiting almost every country in the European Union and falling in love with the history, culture, natural beauty and cuisines of the Old World. 

She and her two dogs and two cats are now settled among the toucans, howler monkeys and coconut palms of Costa Rica. She works as a freelance journalist and editorial consultant for United Nations and other institutions as well as international think tanks and private companies. In her spare time, she loves cooking, reading, writing poetry, feeding bananas and papayas to the birds, and shooting down enemies in World of Warplanes.

In parallel to her lengthy career as a journalist, Jennifer began creative writing when she was pregnant with her youngest child. The result was Toby’s Tale, the story of an adorable puppy and his journey to adulthood. Toby's Tale is a learning experience shared in a visionary, fun way with valuable lessons about life. Jennifer is now working on a sequel, Toby’s Travels.


Pen It Publications, which published Toby’s Tale, will soon be releasing her children’s picture book, Ashley’s Rescue: A Miracle Breakdown. 

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Book illustrator Donna Cook. Winner of the Book Cover Award from Book Marketing Global Network in February 2022 for Toby's Tale.


Website illustrator Sean Campbell (Instagram @staytrue_towhatyoudo)